For Enterprise

Navigesia can be used to fast-track your organizational goals by reducing the amount of time and energy spent completing tasks and research projects. Easily build case studies on patients through smart questionnaires. Send one questionnaire to all of your patients and automatically start your research on the exact population you need.

Accelerate research with richer data

Discover valuable real-world insights with a digital health 'companion tool' for medical devices and drug therapy. Navigesia has the ability to collect efficacy and feedback data through questionnaires, both in the office and at home. Schedule these surveys to be delivered as often as you like... Hourly, daily, monthly and more.

Reduce time & barriers to market entry

Your real world insights are a direct path to market entry. Why spend precious resources reinventing the wheel? Navigesia can collect these insights for you at a fraction of the budget.

Build stronger relationships

When you deliver a value-added tool, such as Navigesia, to your busy clinicians, you not only enhance long term engagement, but you maximize the use of your existing products and services through smart surveys to qualify patients. Navigesia can sort through the patients who could benefit from your products and services best.

We've worked hard so you don't have to ever again.