About Us

Next Healthcare Technologies was founded 3 years ago when frustration manifested itself into motivation. What was that frustration you ask? One of the biggest setbacks to a clinic day, collecting and managing patient data on paper and electronic systems in an environment that is extremely time starved. We could tell you our story, but we are guessing it is very similar to your own so we will save you the anecdote. What's important is where it led.

We are a team of medical professionals, developers and analysts. Brought together to solve the complex problems in our day to day practice. Our development team is passionate about technology and when we brought them into experience what we were dealing with our talented and dedicated team went right to work.

We stand for moral integrity - and data integrity. But more than that we believe that technology can be easy and elegant in its implementation. We care about saving time in your practice so you can do what you were trained to do, treat patients.

We've worked hard so you don't have to ever again.