the Solution

Precise Data Collection

Paper forms are clumsy and prone to error. CareCDS℠ takes the manual process of having to translate paper based questionnaires and forms away by digitizing all data collection. Patients are able to easily identify where they are experiencing the greatest discomfort with ease. As a patient's treatment progresses it is now possible to identify how pain symptoms change over time.

Tablet Based Surveys

Our intuitive user interface allows for a richer, more satisfied and engaging experience while patient questionnaires are completed in the waiting room. CareCDS℠ continually collects patient information which is analyzed and summarized at every visit providing insights to improvements or worsening. Patient data is always available to be reviewed quickly.

Dynamic Workflows

CareCDS℠ easily adapts to your clinical workflow organically. As your flow changes, staff members are able to reduce oversights, follow a standard of care and assist in case management while using evidence based approaches.

Instructional Help Videos for Patients

Each patient questionnaire has a built in Instructional help videos to help guide patients through the process. The patient is limited to point and click actions, so that no onscreen typing required. Simple to use and easy enough for ANY patient.

Resource Scheduling

CareCDS℠ not only provides patient and provider scheduling, but also full resource tracking and scheduling in order to ensure full utilization of all practice facilities and assets. Allows staff to have greater awareness of what facilities are in use at any one time further increases overall practice efficiency.

Interactive Summary Reports

CareCDS℠ helps clinicians and medical staff meet the challenges of managing a high risk patient population. It does this by taking the patient’s biopsychosocial data and transforming it into a rich, engaging and interactive dashboard. Healthcare providers have an interactive dashboard which displays patient information while serving as a place to plan treatment options, referrals, prescriptions and recommendations.

Medication Management

Built in Opioid Risk profiling and automated caution alerts with customized on the fly Daily Morphine Equivalent calculations based on current agency and state guidelines.

Point-of-Care Risk Testing

With Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) capabilities built in, we arm providers with more robust documentation of high risk conditions, tracking of illicit substances, and clinical practice guidelines. This documentation allows for safer prescribing while creating consistent audit trails. (Medical Necessity, Testing Coverage / Reimbursement). Our testing workflow improves support for confirmation testing, reducing denials and delayed payments.