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An innovative HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, software solution that focuses on chronic pain and tackles the most difficult management aspects of this disease. CareCDS℠ sheds light by serving up clinical insights to primary care and pain specialists to help improve the lives of chronic pain sufferers and simplifying the way healthcare professionals manage the rapidly growing North American pain problem.

“What gets measured gets managed” Peter DruckerAmerican Management

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CareCDS℠ App will bring $635B pain market into sharp focus – for patients, providers, and vendors.

Aug 26 , 2015

"Sharp... Throbbing... Exhausting... Electrical... Lancinating..." -- "10-on-10,.. Worst Pain Ever!,.. Shoots into my right lower leg,..."

These words and phrases are used over and over again during clinical encounters by over 100 million American patients suffering with daily chronic pain. In describing the phenomena which is all too normal in their daily lives, patients are constantly (re)-educating their physicians on the multidimensional nature of their suffering...

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Clinical Trials

Feb 15 , 2016

CareCDS℠ is poised to accelerate clinical trials with our cloud-based CRO platform. Stay tuned for updates on this revolutionary app.

CareCDS℠ will soon bring pain specialists into every medical office on the planet.

Aug 20 , 2015

The prevalence of chronic pain is growing rapidly with an estimated 130 million people suffering daily in North America alone, creating an incredible burden on patients, and their primary care & pain specialist physicians.

The treatment of a chronic pain patient is often confusing and complex, requiring special education and training. Many general/family practitioners do not have the proper tools to effectively manage chronic pain and, as a result, such patients are not receiving adequate treatment.

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